Djvu Reader. Program to read djvu files.

DjVu - image format optimized for storing scanned documents.In particular, it is ideal for creating electronic books. There are two common ways to store scanned books: enthusiast this recognition (OCR), followed by preparation of the full text of an electronic document, the less patient people spread directly "scans" - the scanned images are often collected in a pdf document.In the first case you want to do a lot of work, the second obtained files of tens and even hundreds of megabytes.

Henceforth, there is a compromise - transfer your scanned images into a format DjVu (deja vu) to view djvu reader.In this text and contrasting images are stored with a resolution of 300dpi, everything else is background and saved with low resolution.This allows the well to compress the electronic document without losing its readability.In DjVu file size of the book is scanned within a few megabytes, which is quite acceptable.

Of particular importance, this acquires a format for transfer to the network of mathematical and technical literature in general, where an abundance of diagrams and formulas makes recognition and translation in the text format is practically impossible.Also now find and download djvu reader is not so difficult.Currently, DjVu format becomes the de facto standard for electronic libraries of technical and scientific literature.Files with the extension DjVu, I hope, will soon cease to be exotic to the open spaces of the network.

DjVu (pronounced "deja vu?", from france. Deja vu - deja vu) - image compression technology developed specifically for the distribution of scanned documents - books, especially math, magazines, etc. - on the Internet.DjVu is sometimes called "text-graphic format.WinDjView - a fast and compact program for viewing files of DjVu under Windows with the regime of continuous scrolling and advanced printing options.The program is free, requires no installation.To change the language interface in the program menu select "View" - Language - russkiy.V Unlike the PDF format, Windows does not recognize files DJVU.Therefore, even if you have installed WinDjView, the operating system is not "linked" your files to djvu format and this program to open them.After clicking on the file will be unrecognized for the standard Windows File Select Program - Select the program to open this file.Find the folder with the program WinDjView, open it and click on the application.It is only necessary if not forget to put a tick next to the line "use this program to open these files.That's all, no more trouble in the future, and next to each file djvu in your folders will appear characteristic icon (as in file pdf, for example).This little program (508 KB) opens absolutely all files djvu, what I met on the Internet.