Dvju linux. Download djvu reader for linux.

Format djvu ( "deja vu") was developed in 1996 by AT&T specifically for the storage and transmission of scanned documents via the Internet. This is - a graphical format, which has important advantages over other graphic file formats: lines of text are treated as separate from the background layer, so the text is not actually losing money, contracts, only background image, achieving compression is 5-10 times larger than other image formats that provide the same quality. The broadening of the text with the exception (as is the case with jpg, for example);

different pages scanned books are stored in one file, but when working in Internet home pages can be viewed immediately, without waiting for loading other pages. This is convenient in order to understand whether you need a book, ie, whether to load it completely.

Finally, the format specified under the license GPL, which makes it an open and free to use, although there are commercial applications based on it (which promotes the company LizardTech Inc.). Compared with the format of pdf, which is used biblical department for distribution of electronic books on CD-ROM, the djvu there are still some limitations: there is no standardized way of an electronic table of contents, just under a variety of printing options. However, for the Internet with scanned documents, he is by far the best.

To view files in a format djvu Web Site Editor recommends such operation system, as OS Linux. Djvu reader for Linux has the same functions as for other operation systems, but it differ from others by its speed and comfortable in use. Djvu reader for Linux also consist the pack of perfect instruments which is named DjVu Libre. This package allows you to convert djvu-files to tiff, understandable for the majority of graphic editors and OCR. This pack is free, so you can download Djvu reader for Linux or DjVu Libre for free on the one of web sites. Download documents, DjVu is extremely fast as browsing on all systems without compatibility problems due to fonts, colors, etc. DjVu can be a better alternative to PDF and PostScript for digital documents, TIFF (and the format of PDF) for documents in two tonalities to JPEG and JPEG2000 for photographs and images, and graphics interchange format for large images palettized.

DjVu - the only format for Web, which is practical for the distribution of documents viewed with high resolution in color. Djvu reader for Linux includes:

  • DjVu viewer for Unix under X11 (based on the Qt-library).
  • Supplements to the browser program that works with most browsers Unix, including: Netscape-4.x, Netscape-6.x, Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror, and Opera.
  • Compressor for pictures.
  • Simple compressor for black and white pages and pages in two tonalities.
  • Very simple compressor for color pages.
  • Compressor for animated images (like GIF / PNG).
  • Complete set of tools for management and transfer images and documents.
  • Number decoders with DjVu in other formats.
  • Modern version of C + +
  • DjVu Reference Library