Djvu plugin. Download djvu plugin.

DjVU Plugin is an add-in (plugin) for Internet browsers with which you can view djvu files.Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and some modifications to their base.

Djvu plugin. Djvu plugin in InterNet Explorer
Djvu plugin.

After you install the djvu plug-in, open documents directly in the browser window without using other programs.As shown in Figure 1 while viewing djv appears navigation bar (toolbar), you can use to control the viewing and make some other operations.

Plugin correctly opens djvu documents the latest versions, built-in display contents.If the document contains OCR layer, it becomes possible to search the text and copy it.The signal of this is the active button Select Text.

A window with a list of pages, as well as the toolbar can be moved to either side of the window, or hidden.It is possible to tie this Page width of the screen, zoom to 1200% and to display two pages at once.

Some additional features (such as mode switching from color to black and white) are available from the shortcut menu.

The main disadvantage of using DjVU Plugin is inconvenient navigate the document, without the possibility of using scrolling (scroll-wheel mouse).